The lowest Diesel prices in 18 years comes with opportunities. COVID-19 has led to the break-up of the OPEC oil production agreement and some of the lowest Diesel prices we have ever seen.

The rule of supply and demand.

Due to COVID, the stay at home orders, suspension of activities and industrial shutdowns have hurt the oil supply chain and so the existing production schedules have quickly filled the holding tanks of all the producers.

Economics dictate that the price of oil (and associated products- Diesel) will fall and fall it has.

What are the opportunities for Farmers?

In January the wholesale price of Diesel was about $1.40 and now it has dropped by over 30%. The experts are saying this will not last forever.

To take advantage of the current low prices or of wholesale prices in general:

  • Buy Diesel at the best price With a 30% drop in the oil price since 2020 and uncertain price fluctuations, a little planning will make the saving worthwhile
  • Reduce the distance the Diesel has to travel Bulk buying reduces the frequency of deliveries and therefore the ‘delivery charges’ which forms part of the diesel price.
  • Become a significant customer and secure your supply Storing bulk Diesel means you become a significant customer to the wholesaler and your buying and negotiating power becomes much greater. Normal discounts for bulk Diesel are 25%.

Polymaster produce a range of Diesel tanks but most recently a model called the ‘Essential’. With 10,000 litres of storage, a double walled, self-bunded tank with integrated 70L/MIN Italian pump allows you to safely store and regulate  diesel from your very own discounted Diesel supply.

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